The best of both worlds: Hybrid lubricants for long-lasting fun

Until recently, men and women had to opt between two variants when choosing an intimate lubricant:  silicone glide gels that cover the skin like a silky film to protect the skin and mucous membranes from friction –  or water-based lubricants that feel more natural and are easier to wash off.

Hybrid lubricants, such as the skin-friendly products in the shop contain silicone and water components without perfume. This allows for an intense and natural lovemaking experience. The advantages of the hybrid composition of our lubricants and how to properly use Gun Oil Loaded and Gun Oil Recon are described below.

Enjoyment with hybrid lubricants

The hybrid lubricants nourish the skin and provide a pleasant gliding effect in lovemaking. In contrast to purely water-based sliding creams, the skin does not dry out and the consistency remains supple even during extensive love play. Nevertheless, the hybrid lubricant feels natural and it hydrates and oxygenates the skin.

This allows for uninhibited lovemaking and exploring your partner’s intimate areas and body with hands, lips and tongue. Gun Oil Loaded and Gun Oil Force Recon contain natural care ingredients that provide the blends with a pleasant fragrance. No synthetic fragrances affect the scent of the gentle lubricants that combine the benefits of gliding gel and lubricating cream.

Which hybrid lubricant is right for me?

Gun Oil Force Recon combines hypoallergenic silicones with pure water to obtain its soft texture that feels warm on the skin and does not dry out. The gel is ideal for every seductive step from gentle erotic massages to intense lovemaking. Gun Oil Loaded, on the other hand, is a particularly light, water-based lubricant with a hint of silicone that intensifies every touch. Which hybrid lubricant belongs in your bedroom depends entirely on your personal preferences.

How do I correctly apply hybrid lubricants?

The hybrid lubricants in our Gun Oil product line are suitable for all skin types and all sex toys that are not made of porous materials. Warm the lubricants in the palm of your hands and familiarize yourself with the product’s consistency before applying it to massage the back and intimate areas. Before penetration, you can apply the glide gel with massaging movements to erogenous zones. You should also apply a small amount of the hybrid lubricant to your partner or the sex toy to be used.  The hybrid lubricants are easily washed off with warm water after sex.