Gun Oil Gel: a lubricant for safety and comfort

Sex toys are fun and can make one’s love life so much more exciting.  However, your preferred personal love toy only achieves its top performance in conjunction with the appropriate lubricant. Which glide gel you need for your sex toy and what else you should consider “thereafter” is clarified in the following overview. Lubricants? What for?

Unlike human skin, the surface of sex toys is completely dry and comparatively high in friction. Thus, the penetration of the sex toy can cause unnecessary friction and discomfort or minor skin injuries, resulting in skin irritation and inflammation. However, a high-quality lubricant such as Gun Oil Gel envelops your sex toy with a thick, long-lasting, slippery layer of wonderfully soft gel and absorbs any excess of unwanted friction. Gun Oil Gel is long-lasting and reliable, owing to its thick consistency, and it remains exactly where it should stay.

What does water-based lubricant mean?

Many glide gels are manufactured on a silicone or grease basis. They have a different consistency and different gliding properties than water-based lubricants. The disadvantage of these gels is that they can leave stains, damage the material of sex toys and condoms, or even harm your health. Why? Because they often contain questionable ingredients such as hydrocarbons or mineral oils. Not so with water-based gels like the Gun Oil Gel, which is also free of alcohol, glycerin and perfumes. Thus, Gun Oil Gel is suitable for all toys – including sex toys made of silicone or a porous material.

Gun Oil Gel: A lubricant infused with the power of nature

Another advantage of Gun Oil Gel is its antiseptic effect derived from herbal ingredients, such as grapefruit seed extract. The active ingredients of grapefruit seeds are considered a natural antibiotic and effectively protect against infections with fungi, bacteria and microbes.

Lubricant with a kick

In addition to Gun Oil Gel and Gun Oil Sutra are also water-based gels. Gun Oil Sutra is a particularly nourishing and moisturizing gel with organically grown aloe vera that protects against skin irritations and skin rashes.

Gentle cleaning “thereafter”

After the game is before the game – thus each sex toy should be thoroughly cleaned following use in order to be fit and ready for the next deployment.  However, in order to protect your toy’s surface material, you should avoid harsh cleaning agents. Rinsing the toy with water is not enough. Use optimally designed cleaning agents for the specific care of adult toys, such as Gun Oil shine.

The Gun Oil Shine toy cleaner product is an unperfumed, alcohol-free, high-yielding cleaning foam, suitable for all sex toys. The gentle foam cleans surfaces not only from mechanical build-up; thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal effect, it effectively eliminates even germs. Moreover, Gun Oil Shine uses an environmentally friendly hand pump dispenser and no gas. The cleaning foam is not only gentle on your toy, it is also gentle on your skin. As a hand sanitizer – handily stored in your pocket or handbag – Gun Oil Shine is your reliable, safe companion on the go all day long!