Gun Oil glide gel with lots of natural moisture for dry mucous membranes and more sensuality

The specially developed Gun Oil lubricants for the needs of men allow you to experience erotic moments full of sensuality stress-free and gentle. Our gel is available in different versions and naturally compensates for missing or insufficient moisture in the intimate mucous membranes and provides for exciting moments and enhanced pleasure during love play alone or with a partner.

Effective substances prevent unpleasant irritation or even injuries to the sensitive mucosa during love making and provide a sexually stimulating effect by improving the blood supply. The formula contains no aggressive chemicals. Herbal substances from nature’s garden, such as aloe vera, ginseng and guarana can strengthen, protect and heal. Thus, tensions can be effectively avoided, and the pleasure of the sexual experience is dramatically increased.

A glide gel that provides lots of moisture for dry and irritated mucosa

Touching, friction and penetration can lead to dreaded pain. The pleasure sensation decreases and unpleasant cramping and fear of pain can lead to reduced sexual activity or complete avoidance of intercourse. Many men, as well as their partners, suffer from this condition and the diminished quality of their sex life.

Even the excitement of the otherwise so enjoyable act of self-pleasuring is considerably diminished under these conditions. For men who suffer from overly dry and irritable mucosa, our high-quality Gun Oil glide gel offers you worry-free, effective relief. And all this in a very natural, gentle manner without aggressive chemicals. Our shop offers you a great selection of intimate lubricants with different formulas according to your personal needs and requirements.

Soothing anti-irritant ingredients in glide gels derived from aloe vera, ginseng and silicone

The active ingredients in a lubricant are optimally formulated for the needs of the male body’s genital area. Depending on the specific product, individual Gun Oil lubricants contain the respective active ingredients in different compositions. Aloe vera is ideally suited to alleviate inflammations and counteract skin irritations. Moreover, Aloe vera’s water-retaining  properties can have a rejuvenating effect and, at the same time, effectively prevent infections such as fungi.

The active herbal ingredients derived from ginseng and guarana provide an extra portion of stimulating blood circulation, thus adding some extra excitement to the love act. Vitamin E protects and rejuvenates the skin noticeably and also prevents against infections, such a fungi. Hydroxyethylcellulose in a lubricant has a particularly stimulating effect on the moisture formation of the skin. In turn, our patented 3-molecule silicone increases the gliding effect particularly intensely.

Glide gels with different compositions for individual pleasure

The individual active ingredients are formulated in different compositions according to the product’s specific purpose. Thus, a lubricant with a lot of extra aloe vera is ideal for those who like it naturally, whereas a high percentage of ginseng and guarana can ensure more fire in the sex act.  If you prefer underwater activities, or getting it on in the whirlpool, for example, or if you enjoy particularly long and enduring love games, then a product with a high silicone product is the right choice for relaxed fun and stress-free enjoyment. Please review the Gun Oil product line in our shop to select the optimally suitable personal lubricant for your particular needs and wishes.