Aloe Vera has natural healing and restorative properties. During intercourse, microscopic tears can occur. Aloe Vera is known to rejuvenate skin, is an anti-inflammatory, increases skin strength, and will not promote bacterial or fungal growth nor cause silicone breakdown.

Vitamin E is the ultimate skin rejuvenator. It is known as a topical treatment against yeast and other infections, and helps to protect tissue.

Hydroxyethyl cellulose helps increase natural lubrication by triggering moisture receptors within the body.

Ginseng and guarana these extracts work to stimulate blood flow for heightened reaction and response.

Silicon All personal lubricants by Gun Oil are formulated with a special, patented 3-molecule silicone, and a process which guarantees highest quality, safety and all natural properties. The silicone-based lubricants by Gun Oil are exceptionally fluid and slippery, thereby ensuring an absolute natural feeling. These advantages clearly distinguish Gun Oil products from those by other manufacturers.


Gun Oil Products overview

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